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Nanomechanics was born around 35 years ago with the invention of the STM and AFM. It was in the mid-90s when the first nanoelectromechanical devices were fabricated. Since then, nanomechanical systems have been slowly gaining track in the research community and now have become very important in many different applications. The nanomechanical sensors workshop exists since 2003 and has been organized every year gathering the most prominent figures in the nanomechanical sensing community. In the 2019 edition we want to focus our workshop in two of the most promising fields: quantum and bio-sensing. We are putting together an exciting program with 8 keynote speakers and more than 10 invited speakers of the top international tier. We expect to attract around 150-200 people from all over the world. Very importantly, in our even we will put in contact two apparently very separate communities as are quantum and bio-sensing communities. The main objective during the workshop will be to explore the synergies between them. The School of Engineering of EPFL supports the organization of scientific workshops on the EPFL campus on topics of heightened interest at the forefront of research. These workshops attract highly visible and internationally recognizable speakers.

Workshop focus

The workshop is going to have two principal foci: quantum and bio-sensing. The program contains a balanced selection of top-researchers in each field.

Program and speakers

We have 8 keynote and more than 10 invited speakers. All poster sessions will be also presented orally in front of the full audience. We have reserved a lot of time for poster sessions and discussions. During our social event we will visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne!


The conference is going to take place in the SwissTech Convention Center (STCC) at the EPFL campus, in Lausanne.

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